A1 Shooting Ground Rules and Safety

Unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated on the premises. Staff are entitled to monitor and safety check shooters at any time while they are on the ground.

The right is reserved to request any shooter to leave the premises at the management’s discretion if customers do not adhere to the following rules. Depending on the nature of the offence we may decline to refund any monies paid for services rendered or part rendered.

Please read and become familiar with the rules before using the facilities.

Gun Safety

o   If using an over and under or side by side shotgun: Guns must be unloaded and open when not in use and either carried over the arm (barrels facing forward) or covered in a slip between stands. Do not walk around the grounds with the gun closed. Treat all guns as if they may be loaded at all times.

o   If using a semi-automatic shotgun: Guns must be unloaded when not in use. When walking around the ground and between stands, make sure the barrel is pointing upwards and that a safety flag is in the breach. Users are limited to two cartridges in a semi-automatic at any one time. Customers found loading three cartridges will be automatically banned from our grounds.

o   Do not move between stands with a loaded gun and never put a loaded gun down or into a gun slip.

o   Cartridges must never enter the shotgun unless you are within a stand and ready to shoot. It is advised safety catches are applied while on the stand and only set to the off position when the gun is ready to shoot.

o   In an event of a misfire, keep the gun pointing in a safe direction for at least 20 seconds before carefully unloading, avoiding exposure to the breach to mitigate the danger posed by a possible delayed firing.

o   Stop shooting if your gun malfunctions in an unsafe manner. Unload the gun and contact a member of staff for assistance.

o   Only clay targets must be shot at the range. Do not point your gun at anything you do not intend to shoot and be aware of your muzzle safety. No other targets are permitted. Those caught shooting anything other than clay targets will be automatically banned from our grounds.

o   Consumption of alcohol is forbidden before or while using the facilities at the A1 Shooting Ground as this will impair judgement and ability, putting yourself and others at risk.

o   Any person found either possessing, using or distributing any type of drug will be banned from these premises and reported to the police.


o   For environmental and safety reasons, only fibre/felt wadded cartridges, no higher than 28g and of shot sizes 6.5 or smaller, are allowed to be used on the Sporting layout of the A1 Shooting Ground. Those shooting Olympic Trap do have permission to use plastic wadded cartridges.

o   Make sure you are using appropriate ammunition for the shotgun you are using. Never mix ammunition of different calibres – A smaller cartridge than the calibre you are shooting with could fall into the barrel causing an obstruction and if the gun is reloaded and shot with the obstruction in place, the gun will burst at the barrel, also risking severe injury or death. If in doubt do not shoot and ask one of our staff for advice.

o   No game cartridges or steel shot is allowed to be used on this site. You are responsible to know what ammunition you are putting in your shotgun. Customers caught using game cartridges or steel shot will be automatically banned from our grounds.

Range Etiquette

o   Official A1 Shooting Ground instructors take priority on the stands and can ask to step ahead of other customers to use certain targets.

o   Please inform the office on 0208 441 9986 if you are experiencing many broken targets on any particular sporting stand – The contact number is also on every stand and also the pre-loaded clay card you take out with you. Informing us will mean the issue is fixed as soon as possible for other customers. If we are not aware of the issue, we cannot fix it.

o   Clean up after yourself – Place your spent cartridges and associated rubbish in the bins provided on every stand.

o   Please make sure all dogs are well behaved and under close control on a lead and that you clean up after them.

o   Respect other shooters and the shooting ground. Be considerate - Do not occupy any one target for a long period of time if there are other shooters waiting to use the same stand.

o   On sighting any concerning behaviour please report this to a member of staff immediately.

General Safety

o   It is advised you use head, hearing and eye protection at all times while on the ground.

o   Stay within the allocated path and do not cross barriers where there could be a risk of injury from falling shot and broken clay targets. Straying from the allocated pathways may endanger the safety of yourself and others.

o   No shooting is allowed other than from a designated sporting/trap stand.

o   Do not try to fix or touch any machinery on the premises yourself. No person should alter, attempt to alter or refill a trap.

o   Please bring appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear. Shooting takes place outside and we continue to shoot in all weather conditions.

o   Look after your property and keep it safe. Management take no responsibility for the loss or damage to customers’ property while on the premises. Never leave your gun or ammunition unattended.

Bringing Guests

o   Licence holders are entitled to bring two non-licence holding guests shooting with them at the weekend (three during the week) and accept full responsibility of all guest actions on the ground. If bringing guests, licence holders should make sure they hold the relevant insurance.

o   All guests which want to take part in clay target shooting will need to sign one of our registration forms declaring that they are not prohibited by virtue of Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 from possessing or using firearms or ammunition.