We are very proud to have been part of the shooting careers of some very successful national team shooters.


Aaron Heading (GB)
World Champion
World Cup Medallist
2-time Commonwealth Games Champion
(Gold & Silver Medalist)
"Claudio’s unique & sometimes unorthodox approach challenged me greatly in training but made me ready for the pressures of major competition."

Abbey Burton (GB)
World Champion
Commonwealth Games Medalist
British Champion
"Claudio is the god of trap shooting coaching."

Zoravar Sandhu (IND)
World Cup Medalist
Asian Gold Medalist
"If you want to know how to hold a gun, how the eye locks onto a fast target and how to move onto a target consistently to reach the next level in shooting then Claudio's the guy"

All-round amazing gun dog
"Woof arf arf woof woof arf"
("Claudio's training means that even being 70 human years old, I can still retrieve bird which no humans can spot")


Bernard Yeoh (MAS)
South East Asian Gold Medalist
"Claudio took me from beginner to National Team in 1 year and Olympian in just 5 years - that pretty much sums up the quality of coaching I received."