Sporting Clays

For shotgun licence holders, we have a 14 stand English sporting facility with a wide variety of targets to accommodate every level of experience. Our stands are positioned in a variety of settings from open areas, tower thrown clays and stands located in wooded areas.

All stands have immediate release buttons as well as delayed release buttons to remove the need to have another person to assist with target release.


Olympic Trap

An Olympic discipline with 15 voice activated trap machines arranged in 5 bays throwing throwing clays out in random directions at over 70mph - not for the faint-hearted but very satisfying once you are able to hit them.

We have one training layout with targets set consistently to International Shooting Sport Federation specifications.

Video of the London 2012 Olympic Trap Final


Helice / ZZ

Helice utilises a target which has a circular disc similar in size to a conventional clay target attached to 2 wings and is spun like a helicopter blade.

We are proud to have the only fully automatic Helice Layout in the country and the A1 is the venue for a number of National Selection competitions during the year.

Helice is available only at certain times so please check our fixtures list for availability.

Video Showing Helice / ZZ